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Culinary Tourism is a cultural spotlight on what is unique or unusual in a destination

Food and beverage are a centric part of any travel experience.
Culinary tourism bonds travelers to the unique dishes, the people, the culture and the history opening up your senses to the sights, sounds, tastes, smells and
the feeling of an amazing experience!

Let your tastebuds take you on an adventure!

Getting to Know The Locals


I am often asked why I focus on the food, beverage and hospitality businesses in my own home state of Pennsylvania in addition to creating customized travel experiences for my clients throughout the United States.

It's simple. Support and respect ...and making travel personal again

In my industry travel agencies focus on sending people away, but it is my belief it's about bringing people home.


More and more travelers are wanting to stay closer to home, to have more intimate experiences whether it be a local bed and breakfast, winery, new restaurant or a new attraction. 

I collaborate with local Bed and Breakfast/Inns and food/beverage businesses to create unique travel packages throughout Pennsylvania, showing what you have in your own "backyard".


Local public and private events and tours are created utilizing a business's own products and services to preserve and promote culinary cultures through hospitality and tourism helping clients understand how food relates to culture.

A Seat At The Table Interviews are a portrait of our small business owners, their character, the character of their business and what motivates them to provide quality services. ​​I feel blessed to have the opportunity to learn about their life, their mission and how I can help support them through travel.

An Exclusive Interview Series

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a seat at the table with

The Westbrook Inn
Bed & Breakfast

All Places Traveled is excited to "pair" this beautiful Inn with all your favorite interests such as food and beverage tourism, antiques, birding and uniquely customized events to name a few. The possibilities are endless! To learn more about planning your unique experience, click the SCHEDULE YOUR CONSULT button below

I had the pleasure of having a Seat At The Table with

The Westbrook Inn Owner, Meri Wick










As an Ambassador to the World Food Travel Association here in the Greater Philadelphia area, I meet the locals and

amazing businesses all over the world to have all the firsthand hotspots you'll want to visit! 

Your own interests are the focal point of cultivating just the right travel experience you deserve.

You have ONE point of contact, and you will never feel alone.


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Growing the food, beverage and hospitality industry one Destination Pairing at a time

 It is my goal through hospitality and tourism to support preserving
and promoting culinary cultures and connections around the world
Through my own Destination Pairing Events I strive to:
  • Grow the food, beverage and hospitality industry 
  • Collaborate with local businesses to host customized events
  • Show locals and visitors alike how food relates to culture
  • Curate local food and beverage tours to highlight all that the Greater Philadelphia area has to offer