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Culinary Tourism is a cultural spotlight on what is unique or unusual in a destination

Specializing in food and beverage tourism allows me the opportunity to really get to know you one-on-one not only to learn about your interests, but why you would travel for it, bonding you to the unique dishes, people, culture and history to awaken your senses to amazing experiences!​

Let your tastebuds take you on an adventure!

Meet Carol Berger

Making Travel Personal Again

Travel Advisor, Philadelphia, Travel Agency, Food Tours

Culinary Tourism Concierge and Founder of All Places Traveled, LLC proudly served as an Ambassador to the World Food Travel Association for the Greater Philadelphia area 

In addition to inspiring travelers to not only explore the United States, I also help them find something new to love right here in my own home state of Pennsylvania. 

Providing various travel opportunities to take you away from it all, I collaborate with local Bed and Breakfast/Inns and food/beverage businesses to create unique travel packages for visitors to experience what we have to offer and show locals close to home what you have in your own "backyard". 

When you work with me, you will receive an itinerary curated just for you. You have ONE point of contact, and you will never feel alone.

I look forward to working with you,




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