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Welcome to All Places Traveled!

Hi, Carol here! So nice to meet you, thank you for stopping by!


Sadly, a point-and-click world has made travel impersonal. I strive to change that 


  • Are you frustrated:

    • Not knowing with whom you are communicating? 

    • Not receiving a response via phone or email?

    • You speak to someone completely different each time you call?

    • They don't remember you or your travel preferences?
  • Are they reliable in an emergency?


YOU MATTER! You , your family and friends are unique therefore your vacation should be as well! 


As a Destination Pairing Specialist with over 18 years in the travel industry, I strive to make travel personal againFrom the moment you contact me you are important. 

  • Your time is precious ~ you have ONE point of contact to advocate on your behalf 

  • Receive a low-stress, reliable, trustworthy and amazing experience that meets your expectations you want and deserve

  • Leave behind the worry that goes into planning and feeling like you are alone

  • Experience what you would not find in other professionals or through booking randomly online

Together we create a customized vacation to craft your itinerary awakening all the senses ~ the tastes, smells, sights, sounds and the feeling of an amazing adventure! I am with you from the moment we say hello, until the moment I say to you - WELCOME HOME! Why do I feel this way? Because I want you to feel at HOME with me.


So...where do you think we should go from here?

Free Consultation

All Places Traveled, LLC is a full-service agency dedicated to all your travel needs. It is my challenge to find the right experience for you.


We will hop on a complimentary consultation call (via phone or zoom) or if you are local, you may schedule to meet in person. The purpose of our consultation is so I can learn more about your interests to customize an itinerary that is personal to you and/or your group. After our chat, we will determine where you think we should go from there! 

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Where global meets local ~ Awaken the Senses!

As a Certified Ambassador to the World Food Travel Association in the Greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, it is my goal to support the World Food Travel Association's "mission of preserving and promoting culinary cultures through hospitality and tourism" and "play an important role as connections between the Association and local areas around the world"
As a qualified professional, I am passionate about connecting local and global culinary cultures through my own Destination Pairing Events growing the food and beverage industry through tourism.
In collaboration with local businesses, I host public and private uniquely customized events, working together using their own products and services to bring a sample of destinations around the world to my local communities.
Visit the 'Destination Pairing Events' page on this site to learn more  and CLICK the "Let's Go" link below to schedule your event consultation today. Let's join together to build small businesses through food and beverage tourism!

Dreamworthy Destinations

Let your imagination lead the way as you explore a few of my favorite quick trip ideas.