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Welcome to All Places Traveled!

As a Destination Pairing Specialist with over 18 years in the travel industry, I strive to make travel personal again, creating a customized vacation experience to craft your itinerary awakening all the senses ~ the tastes, smells, sights, sounds and the feeling of an amazing adventure! Your own interests are the focal point of cultivating just the right travel experience you deserve.  Without all the worry that goes into planning and feeling like you are alone, I work together with you to approach your vacation in a way you would not often find in other professionals or through booking randomly online. You, your family and your friends are unique therefore your vacation should be as well!

From the moment you call, email or private message me, you are important. You don’t have to spend 40+ hours a week researching where you want to travel. I work with you to create a low-stress, reliable, trustworthy and amazing experience that meets all the expectations you want. I am with you from the moment we say hello, until the moment I say to you - WELCOME HOME! Why do I feel this way? Because I want you to feel at HOME with me.

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All Places Traveled, LLC is a full-service agency dedicated to all your travel needs, whether taking a cruise, enjoying an all-inclusive resort, touring a bucket-list destination, the adrenaline rush of a new adventure trip or a breathtaking destination wedding or honeymoon. Whatever your desire is, it is my challenge to find the right experience for you. In addition to those experiences as previously listed, All Places Traveled, LLC is an Affiliate Agency of The Special Needs Group and Autism of the Seas, providing accessible travel for all! 

Where global meets local ~ Awaken the Senses!

As an Ambassador to the World Food Travel Association in the Greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, often partnering with other local small businesses, I host public and private uniquely customized events bringing a sample of the destinations around the world to the surrounding communities. This is an excellent way to take a journey with others as I pair your favorite activities and hobbies with amazing destinations. Destination Pairing Events showcase the business’s products and services locally and globally, promoting food and beverage tourism attracting potential new clients to and from around the world.

Visit the 'Destination Pairing' page on this site to learn more  and CLICK the "Let's Go" link below to schedule your event consultation today. Let's join together to build small businesses through food and beverage tourism!

Dreamworthy Destinations

Let your imagination lead the way as you explore a few of my favorite quick trip ideas.