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I help travelers like you explore destinations on a deeper, more personal level,

inspiring you to find something new to love!

All Places Traveled Owner Carol Berger

Getting Started

A complimentary consultation is scheduled with me so that I may learn more about you and your interests

Once we determine we are a good fit, we move forward with the planning agreement and fee

A small planning fee is charged that allows me to research, vet and craft all elements into the experience you deserve. My Travel and Research Planning Fee is non-refundable $200/reservation* and includes the benefit of having a Concierge to advocate on your behalf. *Fees are subject to change for more complicated itineraries

Loving Mature Couple

Design & Booking

Once your itinerary is crafted, we review it together and answer any questions you may have.

The components of your trip are selected and booked to secure everything you need to match what you and/or your group envision for your travel experience

Communication and attention to detail is taken very seriously. I work with you to ensure you stay well informed throughout the entire process

Some people look for a beautiful place.
Others make a place beautiful.” -Hazrat Inavat Khan


Mike, Group Cruise Leader

I have used Carol as a Travel Agent for the last 10 years. I have never had any issues when dealing with her. She is always on top of everything and any time I had a question, I had an answer quickly!

Carol has joined me on a few cruises and even if I had questions while she was on vacation, she gets what needs to be done. Carol is very pleasant to work with and I would recommend her to anyone!!" 


Barefoot Bobby &
The Breakers (Band)

I returned from a trip that involved multiple groups with various needs and expectations, complicated logistics and critical communication and cooperation with the  cruise ship management for the trip to be a success. Carol handled our every challenge my group gave her from our first conversations to the morning we disembarked on the last day with ease. 

Jeff & Susan, Birthday Surprise

Carol, I need to thank you, I did not give you much to work with in the beginning but you gave us back a wonderful vacation. My wife was able to do everything she wanted to do!


Weddings & Special Events

Tropical Beach Wedding

Suit Shop

Ladies, Gents, LGBTQ+

You deserve to look your best, whether for your wedding or a business function.

Which is why All Places Traveled
is a proud affiliate of the SuitShop! <Click here to receive 10% off any purchase when using Referral Code ALLPLACES12

Bride and Family

Weather Or Not

Mother Nature never ceases to amaze us...or stress us!

Your wedding day or event deserves to be creatively swoon- worthy. Which is why All Places Traveled is a proud affiliate of Weather or Not ~ "To help you celebrate comfortably and safely, whatever your event."

 Weather or Not <Click here to learn how to make your wedding or event weather proof!

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