Children Kayaking on River

Pumponkey Adventures ~ Children's Travel Series

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"Pumponkey Adventures" was created to take  children on an exciting virtual learning journey through:

  • Fun and educational YouTube videos you can watch together:

  • Share places we’ve been to and amazing bucket-list destinations and activities to try


  • Tips for traveling with children as well as stories from other parents, including those with special needs        

So sit back and follow "Pumpkin" and "Monkey" on their journey throughout the world and discover all the cool things kids love to learn about!

Where in the world is my Pumpkin?

Monkey's Great Adventures!

Explore the world together with Little Passports!

A fun option for children to explore the world with Little Passports!  I love all the ways I can be creative and have fun with my grandchildren!


Little Passports offers multiple subscription options for ages 3 - 9+ allowing them to "travel" throughout the USA and/or a new country each month. Together we will take an adventure around the world!

A great way to educate while having fun!

Click the Little Passports Graphic below to learn more!