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The Pan Man Can

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Meet local, John McGarvey ("JMAC")

Originally born and raised in the Hollywood section of Montgomery Co. PA, John started learning the guitar in his early teenage years and started playing in garage bands in high school. At the same time, he was discovering that he was a gifted artist and painter, spending a lot of time mastering the art of airbrushing. He quickly gained a name in the custom car world as a world class airbrush artist.

Sometime is his 40s, John was introduced to the steel pan, an instrument native to the Caribbean Island of Trinidad. A self-taught steel drum musician, he joined a local Bucks County band, The Mango Men where he played for several years before starting his own band, Beg Borrow & Steel. His steel pan playing has taken him from Manhattan to Key West and many stops along the way! John is always excited to talk about and bring the music of the steel drum to folks that may have never heard this “magical” sound.

JMAC and Beg, Borrow and Steel (BB&S) are available for private parties, corporate functions, and charity events. Depending on the size of your event, they can offer a range of styling, from a steel pan solo, duo to a full band.

All Places Traveled, LLC is excited to "pair" the beautiful island sounds of the steel pan and Beg, Borrow and Steel with amazing destinations! To learn more about planning a uniquely customized event schedule your consultation here: Calendly - Carol Berger, All Places Traveled LLC

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