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One Love, One Heart ~ The Heart of Jamaica

Updated: Feb 3

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Jamaica, well known for it beautiful beaches and stunning sunsets. There is so much more to do then going to the beach, although this IS a great way to spend a vacation.

Before I get to what else Jamaica offers, I want to share with you a more local to the Greater Philadelphia experience, connecting outstanding people with the Jamaican community.

Meet One Love One Heart Jamaica where friendship turned to activism. Making Music & More in the United States and Roy Stephenson Tours in Jamaica "turned into a nonprofit public charity. It aims to provide aid to Jamaican communities in the way of clothing, school supplies, food and educational programs. "OLOH" prides itself on touching the lives of others through its ongoing efforts and initiatives centered around the concept...Share The Love"

Team USA President and Co-Founder, Fern Flicker and Team Jamaica Vice-President and Co-Founder Roy Stephenson developed One Love One Heart out of friendship and a desire to make a difference. Roy operates Roy Stephenson Tours through his extensive knowledge throughout the island about the best sights to visit in every parish. Roy is also a certified boat captain and dive master.

Projects providing aid to Jamaica includes, but is not limited to: clothing drives, school supplies, Feed a Family, and Academic All-Stars. Friends of OLOH support the mission through music-themed fundraiser events, clothing drives and more. To learn more about the mission of One Love One Heart Jamaica check them out here: https://www.olohjamaica.org/ Be sure to follow them on social media for their local events!

Now, back to amazing things to see and do while in Jamaica!

Water Other Than The Beach

Blue Hole ~ Rumored to be bottomless, this beautiful "cenote" is surround by some of the most tremendous tropical greenery which makes Jamaica beautiful. Many people find this a perfect spot for your favorite outdoor activities such as snorkeling, swimming or jumping from vines in the trees surrounding the Blue Hole

Love Crocodiles and getting in touch with wildlife? The 33-mile long Black River is the place to see this rare sight in Jamaica, near the southern coast of the island.

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Just kidding...sort of! But you can experience Pirate City Under the Sea! Port Royal was once known as the most wicked city in the world and now sits under approximately 40 feet of water, mostly destroyed by an earthquake and a diving tour hotspot.

I will bring you more water hotspots later. Now onto the food!

Great Places To Eat

Rick's Café sits atop beautiful 35-foot tall cliffs in Negril. Aside from the great food and drinks, visitors can go to cliff jump and/or enjoy the sunset.

Floyd's Pelican Bar- This bar and restaurant is built from driftwood, atop stilts on a sandbar about a quarter mile out to sea. Just a 20-minute boat ride from the coast of Negril it can be a perfect way to spend an evening enjoying great food, a cold Red Stripe topped off sunbathing and swimming.

Most think of the beaches of Jamaica when they are looking for things to do, but take the time to look into what is around, and you may find some memorable experiences. Jamaica has a beautiful culture and a landscape that is just as diverse as anywhere else. Great people, tropical wildlife, and things to do inland and on the coast.

Speaking of food, taste history with Jamaica's award winning food and culture tours. Take a culinary walking or bus adventure through various towns and villages, savoring the delights of their cuisine. Love architecture? While savoring the delights of their cuisine, you will visit interesting architectural sites, some dating back to the plantation era.

Just expand your horizons and see all the things that Jamaica has to offer.

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