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COVID-19 UPDATE & The Future of Travel

COVID-19 UPDATE and The Future of Travel -

All Places Traveled, LLC is a remote office operating via phone, email, text, private messaging and in-person (socially distanced) appointments at the convenience of the client and remains open for all clients currently traveling, scheduled to travel or planning to travel. In-person appointments (socially distanced) may be limited at this time on an as-needed basis (Sip N Go/Sail meet-ups can now be scheduled as virtual). Please do be patient should I have some delayed response times due to assisting clients for all their, and your, travel needs. There have been a few events I was scheduled to attend or host this year that have been rescheduled. I will continue to update you on these events as new schedules are created.

Be assured that I have been remaining diligent in following all the latest updates within the travel industry to provide clients past, present and future the most up-to-date information on their current and future travel plans and how they may or may not be effected. With the endless media reports it's natural to worry as it seems this will not end anytime soon. I take this matter seriously and am here for you each step of the way by reaching out to all clients individually to review concerns, changes, policy updates, etc.

Those who have underlying health conditions should consult their physician to evaluate a variety of activities including travel.

You are a priority and I am working hard to work together with you on all your needs and concerns. Everyone has a different risk tolerance and the choice to travel or not is a personal decision. Please be sure to follow the do's and don'ts regarding your health and those around you not only during this situation, but on a routine basis.

I continue to keep you updated as best as possible via calls, texts, emails, social media and private messages as I receive updates from all my travel suppliers on a regular basis.

Hotels, cruise lines and tour operators are preparing for the influx of travel again, while shifting their procedures to accommodate the need for smaller groups, staying closer to home and upgraded hygiene regulations, providing guests with a higher sense of security and peace of mind. Working together with me is an added security for you as I vet the suppliers whom are adhering to newer regulations.

Destination Pairing Specialists such as myself piece together the various aspects of your vacation, providing the comfort of a reliable company with your best interests in mind. Schedule your free consultation today and let's join together to find the right experience for you, including local adventures!

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