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  • Naked Bavarian 20-Mile Trail Race 3/3/18

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    I don't even know where to begin! What's more fun then taking on a new challenge or adventure?!


    I will begin with an expression of gratitude for the opportunity to take on a new challenge being healthier through diet and exercise.


    Then there's always the challenge of my health and the risk of flare ups if I'm not mindful of the challenges I take on. Always, be mindful of how you feel and be smart and know when to stop. It is not weakness, it is necessity.


    I recently began trail running and find it extremely peaceful. But, don't let that fool you, you have to be on your game watching your footing while absorbing the beauty that surrounds you.


    One of my goals for 2018, in addition to enjoying running more trails, was to run a trail race. I decided go big or go home apparently! I understood taking on this goal it would be a challenging course - that was an understatement for me!


    I didn't take pictures while on the course because I wanted to enjoy the beauty that surrounded me. The terrain, between the mud and hills, was very challenging for me. Most of the elevation was extremely difficult for me , but would not be for more experienced trail and ultra runners.

    Uberendurance Sports hosts a 20 & 40 mile trail race called the Naked Bavarian at Blue Marsh Lake in Leesport, PA. They are a well run race organization keeping costs low while providing challenging, yet fun races, little swag complimented by great volunteers and food.


    By the end of the race, I truly exceeded my own personal physical limits, but the high of completing my challenge, while being mindful of my health, was exhilarating!


    What are some of your challenges for yourself?

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