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  • Runner's Heart - Vermont 100 Endurance Race Volunteer

    9/7/2017 8:55:13 AM Link 0 comments | Add comment

    As a runner, I had the pleasure of volunteering for the Vermont100 endurance race. For those of you not familiar with races, this is a 100-mile endurace race thru hilly roads and trails of Vermont. Not only did I experience Vermont for the first time and all it's beauty, I witnessed some amazing feats of determination, strength and the will to continue when you think you just can't go any further.

    I also had the pleasure of hiking (for the 2nd time in my life!) on Mt. Ascutney. We hiked (more like climbed!) the Brownsville Trail up to the observation tower, and took the Windsor Trail on the return. All I can say is WOW! It was beautiful, challenging and an incredible experience.

    If you have the opportunity to visit Vermont, please do so! There is so much to see and do from touring the Lake Champlain region to soaking in the history and nature. Here's a quick link to learn a little history of the area. as well as a link to this amazing race

    Feel free to contact me about options for traveling to Vermont, perhaps for hiking or skiing in the winter.

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