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Carol Berger, Culinary Tourism Concierge and Founder of All Places Traveled, LLC, 

has a mission to bond locals and visitors alike to the food, people, culture and history of the

Greater Philadelphia area through uniquely customized food and beverage tours.


A great way to see what's in your own backyard!

Travel Advisor, Philadelphia, Travel Agency
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About Me

Your culinary concierge and founder of

All Places Traveled, LLC

proudly served as an Ambassador to the World Food Travel Association for the Greater Philadelphia area

Pride in and support of our local food, beverage and hospitality businesses are of the utmost importance


While the Greater Philadelphia area is infused with history, it is also rich in cuisine, wine, brews and spirits

We have so much more to offer

than just cheesesteaks!

Click 'About Me' below to learn more about how I help travelers explore  destinations on a deeper, more personal level inspiring them to find something

new to love!

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Getting Started

A complimentary consultation call can be scheduled to discuss your interests to help develop  the right tour you

envision for your town. 

I collaborate with you to inspire visitors to experience what you have to offer and show locals close to home what is in their own "backyard" through unique food & beverage experiences, tasting

events, tour ideas and more!


Tours are up to 10 people with transportation unless otherwise noted as walking tour or combination of walking & transportation. Every tour is completely customized to deliver one-of-a-kind experiences and can last between 2-3 hours​​​. Dates and times may vary



Select a tour listed below or select "Let's Get Started" Button to schedule a call to discuss a private tour and/or answer any questions you may have

Local Food Festival
Local Food Festival

Tour Types

For collaborations, select "Let's Get Started" Button below to schedule a call to discuss  tour and event options and/or answer

any questions you may have

Food, beverage and specialty shop tours are customized for you to showcase options at each location 

Depending on the type of tour and availability, guests may have an opportunity to meet the chefs and/or

take an interactive class

Tours may be available throughout the Greater Philadelphia area including, but not limited to:









What to Expect

Additional customized tour pricing will vary depending on the location, day/time, and food/beverage selections subject to change and availability.

Guests booked for tours can be notified of any changes however unforeseen changes may occur at the time of the tour and reasonable adjustments will be made

Tour options may be delayed or not available due to businesses that may still be experiencing staffing issues and shorter hours as a result of COVID 

'Food Tour in a Basket' Farmer's Market Tours are seasonal and a great way to enjoy delicious local artisan

products picnic style!

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Travel is not always about sending you away, but showing you your own backyard.
The people, the businesses, the fun, the beauty, the charm, the history ~ and of course the food!

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